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Every commercial cleaning business needs to have the right tools for every job. Not only does the proper equipment make a business look more professional, it helps the company to do their work more effectively and faster. Speed enables businesses to be more profitable and quality work is paid back in the form of a positive reputation and more clients. A simple, yet essential cleaning tool is a floor scrubber. Here is why a scrubber is important and how to save money on the purchase without sacrificing quality.

Stop Wasting Time

A mop and bucket can swish away loose surface dirt and remove some stains. Unfortunately, built-up floor wax, scuffs from shoes and stuck on grime like chewing gum take more effort. It could take hours to clean one office if the staff must get on their knees to scrape up or scrub away stubborn dirt. Find a floor scrubber for sale and try it for one night. The speed of its performance will make it obvious how much time the company wastes when they do all the cleaning by hand.

Speed Up Drying

Wet floors in commercial locations can be a serious slip and fall hazard. No one wants to have an area of a building off limits just for cleaning. A floor scrubber uses less water than a mop and bucket, so the floor dries faster and becomes safe sooner. The freedom can allow cleaning companies to fit in more clients because their services do not always need the building to be empty. Clean the floors right before the doors open or during the slow times of the day and reserve night work for the most complex tasks.

Find Affordable Equipment

Buying cheap equipment does not save money. A better way is to either rent or search for brand named used floor scrubbers. A used scrubber can still have years of use left but cost only a percentage of a new model. If used equipment seems too unreliable, refurbished floor scrubbers get disassembled, cleaned and repaired to ensure they look and work like new.

The time savings and improvements in the results a floor scrubber produces could make it easier to take on larger contracts and to schedule more clients each week. Buying used floor scrubbers is a simple step and a small investment that has the potential to pay back its cost in its first week of operation. Learn more to see why it is time to upgrade. 


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